We miss you!  

We can’t wait to be back with you again.  Until then, lets have a little fun the best we can!


The Challenge

If you are a Mt. Olive AWANA or Sunday School (Pre-K – 6th grade) participant, we are challenging you to complete the following J.E.S.U.S board for prizes.  All you have to do is pick an item on the board, have someone take a picture of you completing the task, and send it to mtolive-russellville@outlook.com.  Be sure to include your name in the email, what box you completed, and let us know if you do NOT want us to post your pictures online.

Level 1 is at least 1-5 boxes completed any order – PRIZE: Treasure Box Surprise

          Level 2 is one row completed – PRIZE: Mega Sticker

          Level 3 is two rows completed –PRIZE: Ice Cream 4 Ice Cream Cone

          Level 4 is three rows completed – PRIZE: Water Bottle

          Level 5 is the entire board completed – PRIZE: T-Shirt

Email your pictures with your name and  the box you completed, to
Please indicate if you do NOT want us to post your picture on our
webpage or Facebook.