Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.  1 Peter 4:10

Who do I need to contact?

 Church Council

Moderator -Don Kennedy

Associational Executive Board Member -Don Kennedy

Mission Director -Mary Ann lvie

Sunday School Director -Gary Jobe

Worship Leader -Pat Jobe

Deacon Chair –
Trustee Chair -Don Ecton

Nominating Committee Chair -Gary Jobe

Treasurer -Sandy Wyss

Church Clerk -Mari Ann Winters

Personnel Chairman -Duane Robertson

Children’s Sermons -Mike Nichols & Aaron Steenbergen

Awana Coordinators -Anna Thompson & Megan Kennedy

Safety & Security Committee Chair -Paul Kennedy

Youth Minister -Alex Earls

Secretary -Sandy Wyss
Facilities Committee Chair – Mike Nichols
Audio/Visual Leader- Amy Steenbergen
Church Ministries

Children’s Sermons –
Mike Nichols & Aaron Steenbergen

Awana Coordinators –
Anna Thompson & Megan Kennedy

Greeter Coordinator –
Deloris Plaster

Meals on Wheels –
AI Robinette

Nursery Coordinator –
Tinisha Eickhoff

Sound System –
Amy Steenbergen, Mike Nichols, & Megan Kennedy

Sunday School Secretary –
Mary Ann lvie

Worship Leader –
Pat Jobe

Pianist –
Sarah Kennedy
Organist –
Assistant Pianist -Lee Smith

Church Sign –
Mari Ann Winters, Janice Steenburgen & Mike Amos

VBS Directors –
Janice Steenburgen & Joyce Browner

Missions Director –
Mary Ann lvie

Wednesday Evening Meals Coordinator
Aaron Steenbergen

Discipleship Training Directors
Don & Sarah Kennedy
Officers, Committees & Ministry Teams

Activity Committee
Monica Magers
Ashley Anderson
Ronda Hickinbothem
Activity Teams
Love & Life Celebration -Heidi Nichols, Nancy
Plaster and Amy Steenbergen
Graduation Breakfast -Karla Boeckman & Nancy Plaster
Easter Egg Hunt -Ashley Birdsong
Ice Cream Social -Jason & Michelle Ford
Fish Fry -Celeste Laird
Hayride -Aaron Steenbergen
Shower Committee
Lisa Ecton
Karen Payne
Nancy Plaster
Flower Coordinator
Deanna Porter
Personnel Committee
Duane Robertson -Chairman
Toby Anderson
Michele Jones
Janice Steenburgen
Amanda Phillips
Facilities Management Committee
Mike Nichols -Chairman
Don Ecton
Aaron Steenbergen
Mike Thompson
Celeste Laird
Janice Steenburgen
Shirley Looten
Creative Ministries
Joyce Browner
Mike Nichols
Budget Committee
Dave Hlavacek
Mary Ann lvie
Glen Steenbergen

Nominating Committee
Gary Jobe -Chairman
Bill Hancock
Aaron Steenbergen
Tinisha Eickhoff
Van Director
Don Ecton
Hostess Committee
Deloris Plaster -Chairman
Loretta Raithel
Don Ecton -Chairman
Curtis Wyss
Dave Hlavacek
Kurt Birdsong
Safety & Security Committee
Paul Kennedy -Chairman
Jim Scrivner
Don Ecton
Bill Hancock
Brad Wyss
Gary Jobe
Curt Matthews
Lauren Thompson
Sunday School Officers & Teachers

Director -Gary Jobe

Substitute -Duane Robertson

Secretary –
Mary Ann lvie
Substitute –

Nursery –
Caroline Hancock
Living (age 2-3)
Paula Earls -Teacher
Substitute -vacant -currently no attendees in this
age group
Growing (age 4-5)
Joyce and Ray Browner -Teachers
Karen Payne & Revae Volkart -Substitutes

Bible Learners (Grades 1-2}
Pat Jobe -Teacher
Janice Steenburgen -Substitute

Bible Discoverers (Grades 3-5)
Don Kennedy -Teacher
Tinisha Eickhoff -Substitute

Youth in Action (Grades 6-8)
Toby Anderson -Teacher
Mike Nichols -Substitute

Youth in Action (Grades 9-12)
Nancy Plaster -Teacher
Mike Nichols -Substitute

Young Adults
Mike Thompson -Teacher
Bill Hancock -Substitute

Sarah Kennedy -Teacher
Bill Hancock -Substitute

Senior Adults
Shirley Looten -Teacher
Teresa Gier -Substitute